10 Racy Britney Spears Music Video Moments We’ll Never Forget

A personal journey with classical music

View gallery . 2. Toxic (2003) A decade prior to a certain unclothed romp on a swinging wrecking ball, it was all about Spears’s bedazzled bodysuit, as seen in her video for “Toxic.” In the official clip, she writhed in a garment that created the illusion of full-fledged nudity, save for a handful of strategically placed rhinestones. View gallery . 4. Toxic (2003) The video for “Toxic” also featured an airborne tush-tease from a flight-attendant Britney that had viewers grabbing for their oxygen masks. This brief moment was the perfect example of Britney’s ability to seduce the camera, 10 whole years before 2013’s takeover of the “twerk.” View gallery . 5. I’m a Slave 4 U (2001) The sheer sexiness in this red-hot video could mostly be attributed the raw passion that was visible in her every move. With each twist and turn, it was clear that she really is a slave “for you” and it wasn’t hard to realize that the “you” in question must have been the music pulsating straight through Spears. View gallery . 6. My Prerogative (2004) She may have just risen from bed and is still in her underthings, but Spears, as seen in the video for “My Prerogative,” was pretty serious about the haters getting all up in her grill. All drama aside, Spears spun Bobby Brown’s hit into a sultry, empowering demand for privacy, and its music video matched the fierceness of her remake perfectly.

It belonged to the Flute Concertos that Vivaldi wrote when his career was about to reach its peak. The Flute Concertos was also considered the first set of concertos ever published. Johnson wrote: The opening Allegro is as light and effervescent as the opening of Spring from the Four Seasons reminding the listener of the beauty and purpose of exploring a riveting landscape. The central Cantabile is as warm and crystalline as a lovely aria from a pastorale. The closing Allegro, reminiscent of a finale from a divertimento, presents as a vigorous and energetic dance All this Miss Guzman performed like a charming gypsy Latina temptress we were reminded of La Esmeralda in that Victor Hugos book. But were all Quasimodos in her presence. Incidentally the good news is that Vivaldis Four Seasons is included in the 2013-2014 PPO season. Several months ago, Maestro Ochanine posted on his Facebook account a survey on what people want to hear for PPOs 31st Season and no pun intended, Four Seasons was among the top choices so finally due to insistent public demand, it will be finally performed on January 18, 2014. (But prior to that, PPO performs a program of Filipino works under the baton of PPO Associate Conductor Herminigildo Ranera on October 11, 8 p.m. at the CCP Main Theater. Titled Mostly Filipino, the concert features Angel Penas Philippine Festival Overture, Alfredo Buenaventuras Manik Buangsi and Tuan Putli Symphonic Poem, Lucio San Pedros Buan sa Kabundukan, and Felipe Padilla de Leons Manila Sketches. Also on the program are La Creation du Monde of Darius Milhaud and Slavonic Dances Nos. 1-8 Op.48 of Antonin Dvorak.) After performing Dukas, Liszt and Vivaldi pieces, Miss Guzman received around five to six-minute standing ovation. About a dozen members of the PPO who accompanied her went out of the stage with her and Maestro Ochanine. Amid the resounding applause, she went back with a table full of what looked like flutes of different sizes.