13 Cheesy Horror Movies To Scare You With Laughter

That said,even if it looks the same as Blu-ray, thats still excellent. Currently, Universal Pictures, Focus Features, Magnolia Pictures Millennium and Cinedigm offer movies on Prima. If other services are any indication (like Netflix Netflix , iTunes, Google Google Play and etc.), expect to see more studios sign on if Prima does well. Cost(s) If youre expecting the Prima Cinema to be expensive, youd be right. Just the hardware is $35,000. Each movie is $500, and you only get to watch it once. You have to be vetted by the company (you cant just buy one). The fingerprint scanner makes sure its you watching the movie (or are at least in the room when it starts). There are even more draconian security features than the use of your digit. Its essentially locked to your home and specific display. If you didnt think Hollywood was paranoid about their content getting out, well, now you know. While the upfront cost is steep, I cant say $500 is outrageous for each viewing. After all, if youve got a family of 4, plus a few friends, plus drinks and snacks, a night out at the movies could easily cost over $200.

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From there they are floating in space with little oxygen and very few options. It may sound like a thin plot for a movie, but its more than enough to make Gravity one of the most nail biting films to sit through in some time. I almost dont want to know how the special effects were accomplished for fear that the films magic will forever be ruined for me. In a year that has not seen many great films, Gravity reminds you of how great going to the movies can be as it sucks you right in to a world many of us have never seen up close. Cuaron shows the inherent dangers of space as well as the sheer beauty of it, and theres no beating the view of planet Earth from hundreds of miles above its surface. Cuaron, just as he did with Children of Men, gives us some truly brilliant scenes which look like they were all done in one shot. Im still trying to wrap my head around how he managed to keep the camera rolling for such a long period of time. Gravity starts in space and pretty much ends there, and its that lack of gravity which makes the film seem like a new kind of roller coaster ride. I bet that a number of audience members will end up getting motion sickness while watching it as theyll be struggling to find their center of balance just like Bullock does when she becomes untethered from the space shuttle. I remember all those trailers for horror movies like Zombi or Dawn of the Dead which said that the theater did have barf bags available for those who needed them. Well Gravity is proof that it doesnt have to be a horror movie for you to need a barf bag. Anyway, thats probably more information than you need to know. But as technically brilliant as Gravity is, it never forgets the human element that other filmmakers dont pay as much attention to. We come to care deeply about the characters Clooney and Bullock play because they are not just a couple of stereotypical astronauts spouting cliched dialogue. They are flesh and blood human beings with needs and desires, and they need each other to get to safety.

‘Gravity’ Thrills You Like Few Movies Can (Video)

Video: YouTube, TzTokFlame 7. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes The special effects in 1978 were just incredible. We’re at a loss for words over the giant, evil tomato in this film. Video: YouTube, lemonysnicket1234567 8. Santa’s Slay Skip to 1:50 if you don’t find enjoyment in obnoxiously rich people talking about their “humble” Christmas. Video: YouTube, itburnswhenithink 9. The Spookies This 1986 film features a group of travelers who (surprise) took a wrong turn. One of the more unlucky guests falls into a sticky situation with all kinds of “WTF?” going on. Video: YouTube, hinatasaix2 10. Birdemic: Shock and Terror There are so many things to say about this 2010 masterpiece, it’s hard to know where to start. Maybe it’s the acting. Maybe it’s the choice of weaponry. Or maybe it’s the unfathomable use of special effects. Regardless, this important piece of cinema is so mind-blowingly confounding, it would bring Hitchcock to tears of some form, anyway. Video: YouTube, Skac01 11.

‘Inside Llewyn Davis,’ ‘About Time,’ And Three Other Movies From The New York Film Festival

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