Booker Would Face Choices Of ‘celebrity’ Senator

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Anything else is a pure olive oil or its a leftover olive oil.” TRUE OR FALSE? Cooking olive oil destroys its health benefits True: It does destroy some of the health benefits. It definitely does because of the heat … but what we do in the Mediterranean is we will cook with a little bit of olive oil and then well actually add a drizzle of fresh olive oil on top … to keep those benefits. TRUE OR FALSE? You should store olive oil in the refrigerator False: Unless you live in an extremely humid, hot place you might want to do that, but other than that in a cool dark place, just like you would with wine. TRUE OR FALSE? Never buy oil that looks cloudy True: Thats actually not so good. Those are unfiltered and what happens is they dont last as long. So you definitely want to buy one thats nice, and clear. Youre always going to find them mostly in a darker bottle, but if you dont, it should be a nice dark green olive oil –and then have extra-virgin on the label.” TRUE OR FALSE? Light or extra-light means it has fewer calories False: It does not mean fewer calories. Actually, what it means is that its second or third press.

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Sent! A link has been sent to your friend’s email address. Join the Nation’s Conversation To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs This story is part of Barack Obama Booker would face choices of ‘celebrity’ senator Martha T. Moore, USA TODAY 10:52 p.m. EDT October 8, 2013 New senators are no longer expected to remain in the shadows for their first years. Newark Mayor and senate candidate Cory Booker answers a question in Newark, N.J., Thursday, Sept. 26, 2013. (Photo: Mel Evans, AP) The Newark mayor is heavily favored in special election, though race has tightened His high public profile is also proving to be a burden in his campaign Some high-profile senators have chosen to avoid spotlight upon arriving in D.C. SHARE 2 CONNECT 7 TWEET COMMENTEMAILMORE Cory Booker has been such an odds-on favorite to win a Senate seat from New Jersey that most speculation about his future is not whether he is going to get to Congress but what he’s going to do when he arrives. The Senate Booker would join if he wins a special election next Wednesday has become a place where new members can shape their public profile through trending tweets, with less reliance on choice committee assignments, seniority or even majority-party status. Republican Steve Lonegan, former state director of the conservative group Americans for Prosperity, is opposing Booker in the special election to succeed Democratic Sen. Frank Lautenberg, who died in June during his fifth Senate term. Booker has a double-digit lead in opinion surveys and has out-raised Lonegan five to one, in a state that hasn’t elected a Republican to the Senate since 1972.

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2. Don’t compare her to Charles Dickens Sharon’s publisher invited her to write a novel after the success of her autobiographies, and so ‘Revenge’ was released in 2010. Does this mean Sharon considers herself a literary great? Does it hell. She told the Guardian : “I’m never going to go down in history like Charles f***ing Dickens. That’s not what this book is about. It’s a good summer read you don’t have to think about too much.” 3. Sharon’s been on ‘Doctor Who’ Sharon has racked up quite a few TV show credits, from the talent shows she’s judged to her talk show, reality show and even ‘Celebrity Apprentice USA’. What caught my eye, though, was ‘Doctor Who’. She appeared in ‘The Sound of Drums’ episode alongside McFly and Ann Widdecombe, all of whom played themselves endorsing Prime Minister Harold Saxon. She’s also guest starred on ‘Will & Grace’ and ‘Days of Our Lives’. What next, ‘Crimewatch’? Oh 4. And on ‘Crimewatch’ Sharon has actually been on ‘ Crimewatch ‘.