Eagle Rock Music Fest Celebrates 15 Years With Culture-clash Lineup

Iconic rock guitars and their owners

It’s an impressive and adventurous roster, featuring artists Bosnian Rainbows, Poolside, Boardwalk, Nguzunguzu, Dub Club and a few dozen others, and presents evidence of the vibrant music community that has blossomed in the area. Over the span of the festival’s life, Eagle Rock and its sister neighborhoods Highland Park and Atwater Village have become independent music havens, home to labels including Friends of Friends, Innovative Leisure, Stones Throw, Now-Again, Alpha Pup, Brainfeeder and others. Studios and indie biz offices dot corners, and no fewer than four fantastic record stores sell choice, expertly curated music. RELATED: The 10 Commandments of smartphone use during concerts Perhaps most important for the area’s long-term prospects, the proceeds from the festival will help fund the Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock, a nonprofit space near the corner of Eagle Rock and Colorado that programs art camps, after-school classes, workshops — one on the xylophone begins on Oct. 14 (!) — and concerts. Its mission is to ensure that the area remains an arts hub for generations to come. The space has long been utilized by taste-making promoters FYF for innovative gigs and represents the area’s dominant population with evenings of Latin American-focused music. Friday night, for example, the center will host the monthly “Noches de Trova,” which features Mexican and Latin American singer-songwriters drawing on bolero, ranchera, country, jazz, folk and blues music. Saturday’s music festival roster is all over the place. Those looking for heavy rhythm should note Nguzunguzu, whose tracks are typified by tribal, polyglot beats and psychedelic washes of synthetics. The smoother-grooved duo Poolside celebrates the more casual aspects of dance music, a team “inspired by California, mezcal, dancing, good food and friends.” The beguiling duo Boardwalk, which has an excellent new album out on Stones Throw, promises to be a highlight. INTERACTIVE: A festival for every fan SoCal’s yearly sonic lineup The biggest influx of fans will no doubt arrive for Bosnian Rainbows, though. The group was formed by At the Drive In and Mars Volta guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, and his devoted followers are legion. Born as Rodriguez-Lopez went on hiatus from the Mars Volta, the Rainbows features the shockingly charismatic lead singer Teri Gender Bender of Le Butcherettes. A children’s stage will host, among others, the uniquely Angleno work of the Bob Baker Marionettes. An experimental stage will be headlined by the modern dance troupe/music ensemble String Theory.

A personal journey with classical music

He was then writing a column on the performing arts for a national daily and hed tag along students willing to watch the shows if only to experience live what hes been lecturing about in our Humanities classes. Wed know theres a big difference between Baroque and Classical. If hes talking about Modern Music, its not U2 or the Rolling Stones. Back then the PPO was only on its 10th season and were one of those angry long-haired kids whod rather follow campus gigs of Wolfgang, Razorback, The Dawn, Afterimage and the Eraserheads than brave rush-hour traffic from the University Belt to the CCP Complex. But good music is good music and every song or musical composition stems from the urge to share a story, a special moment or an emotion, so I learned over the years. From rock to classical At any rate, there were days for heavy metal rock or whats then called alternative music and there was just only one Friday or Saturday night in a month for the PPO. The well-blended sound of violins and violas, the flutes and trumpets, the timpanis and drums would fill our brains and calm our nerves after several nights of eardrum-splitting gigs in smoke-filled the louder-the-better bars in Sampaloc, Manila or along Edsa Cubao. Now the situation didnt change at all. Its as if the 1990s are back, the same way oldtimers would say back then the 70s are here again. Now rock bands are very much alive. The Eraserheads are back touring the world while each member maintains his own successful career. Wolfgang is touring the Philippines via a local liquor company-sponsored music fest. The Dawn is still rockin despite vocalist Jett Pangan creating a successful career in theater. Rock stars like Chito Miranda of Parokya Ni Edgar are very much in the news, if only not for his music but something rakenrol, as how Pepe Smith would term it. Over the years, chamber music and rock bands have jammed together. In 2006 there was Rockestra concerts, which had The Dawn, Up Dharma Down, Itchyworms, Sandwich and other bands jamming with the Manila Symphony Orchestra.

Muve Music’s 2M subscribers: Music to Cricket’s ears

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