New York Comic Con Stars Team-ups And Classic Returns

2013-14 New York Knicks Preview

(Photo: Dynamite Entertainment) Dynamite Entertainment’s The Six Million Dollar Man: Season Six comic picks up where the ABC show left off after five seasons in the 1970s. Bionic astronaut Steve Austin and his handler Oscar Goldman are forced to deal with government traitors as well as the return of the villainous android Maskatron. Dynamite has also paired Gold Key comics and A-list writers for four new series: Greg Pak’s Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Frank Barbiere’s Solar: Man of the Atom, Fred Van Lente’s Magnus: Robot Fighter and Mark Waid’s Doctor Spektor. Comics publishers Dynamite and Dark Horse Comics have a pair of crossovers in the works. The fantasy protagonists of Dark Horse’s Conan and Dynamite’s Red Sonja join up to do battle, sword-and-sorcery style, in an as-yet-unnamed title. And in The Shadow vs. Grendel, writer/artist Matt Wagner brings the popular throwback pulp hero into conflict with the masked assassin. Joss Whedon’s “Whedonverse” gets a spotlight both in a new Dark Horse Serenity series by Zack Whedon picking up where the movie follow-up to the TV series Firefly left off and 30-issue “seasons” each for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel & Faith. Next year, the company is also rolling out Greg Rucka’s Veil, about an amnesiac woman with strange powers; Jonathan Maberry’s horror series Bad Blood, with a guy whose blood is deadly for vampires; and two new books from David Lapham, the all-ages, bug-squashing adventure Juice Squeezers and the Western sci-fi Kid McAlister. The cult 1990s antihero The Crow gets a Southwestern makeover in IDW Entertainment’s The Crow: Pestilence, debuting in March. And for the children of the ’80s, the company is combining two of its more popular franchises with the ongoing series Transformers/G.I. Joe next summer. Those who enjoy Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Iron Patriot cover

Shumpert is a great defender and should be even better this season after he has more time removed from his ACL surgery. His minutes were down last season as he worked his way back into shape and thus, his scoring sank. BENCH: This group is a wide-ranging mix. Smith was dominant at times last season, but he’ll have to shrug off the disappointment of the offseason, mostly of his own doing. Woodson indicated Smith would get a chance to start, but it doesn’t make much sense. He’ll be on the floor to end games and the Knicks played better with him on the second unit. Stoudemire should probably resign himself to finishing his huge contract as a reserve. When healthy, or whatever passes as healthy for Stoudemire, he can be an effective big man for 18 minutes a night. He doesn’t have the explosiveness that earned him a living anymore, but he’s still a smart enough player to know how to score. World Peace brings a championship pedigree and can still defend and make corner threes. He can spell Anthony and play with him in a small lineup.