Revolution Forced Into Late Tie With New York

Former Hells Angels leader slams New York beating after motorcycle chase

2 that the U.S. had intercepted communications between senior al Qaeda operatives, a story which added to the public’s understanding of the threat. But the Times, like CNN, withheld the names of the al Qaeda leaders at the U.S. government’s request. However, McClatchy revealed the names on Aug. 4, and James Asher, the newspaper chains Washington bureau chief, defended the move. It is not unusual for CNN or the NYT to agree not to publish something because the White House asked them, Asher told HuffPost. And frankly, our democracy isn’t well served when journalists agree to censor their work. Given McClatchys decision to publish the names, some journalists who cover national security saw the Times Monday story as a swipe at a competitor and an attempt to rationalize the papers decision to withhold details because the government had raised national security concerns at the time. The journalists questioning the article — who were not permitted to speak on behalf of their employers — suggested to HuffPost that the Times didnt put McClatchys reporting in context, considering it came days after the embassies were shut down and amid several leaks from U.S. officials talking up a possible terrorist attack. These prior moves would have likely already made Al Qaedas leadership aware their communications had been compromised, they said. And the Times, rather than focusing on McClatchy’s publication of the leak, could have given more scrutiny to U.S.

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Then, Neymar’s put his own mark on the game. The Barcelona superstar ran down the midfield’s spine and into the heart of Portugal’s defense, cutting and weaving his way through players before firing a bullet into the back of the net in the 35th minute. “He’s being chased and he continues to be chased because he has a quality, which is dribbling. He’s been playing very well, for three, four years. Normally Neymar is [what he did tonight.] Neymar nearly created another goal in the 39th minute off another corner kick, but had his set-up botched by Paulinho, who volleyed an open shot over the crossbar. Portugal’s attack didn’t have much to say after Meireles’ goal and looked especially gun-shy after Neymar flipped the switch. They sorely missed Cristiano Ronaldo, who was ruled out of the game due to tendinitis. “I didn’t miss him,” said Scolari of Ronaldo with a chuckle. “He would have complicated our life a lot more.” Portugal was also tired from their 4-2 win over Northern Ireland last Friday in World Cup qualification and the ensuing flight from Belfast to Boston. And, they were outplayed. Brazil controlled the midfield and out-shot the Portuguese. They were better in the air and were almost always first to the ball. It was no surprise that the Brazilians finished off the game in the 49th minute with a third goal. Neymar made a run down the left flank before passing to Maxwell, who played the ball across the box to a wide-open Jo. Jo tapped in the feed, easily beating Patricio, who was covering the other post.

, who suffered a broken spine and other serious injuries, according to Gloria Allred, his defense attorney. Allred said Mieses may be paralyzed. “These guys just saw one of their friends get run over by an SUV,” Christie said. “I dont know if you’ve ever seen someone on a motorcycle get hit by a car — that takes off– let me tell you: it affects you.” Christie made clear that there is no excuse for the beating, but said the riders appeared to be acting on emotion . He said you can compare the feeling of riding with a group with the sensation of being in a charging army. “There’s a lot of power; it’s very seductive.” The helmet-cam video cuts out when the riders catch up to Lien and one uses his helmet as a hammer to smash in his driver’s side window. Christie said Lien was grossly outnumbered and the fact that the bikers, considering their frenzy, only left Lien with two black eyes and a cut on his face that required stitches indicates that they exercised some restraint. “Maybe they noticed the mom and kid looking on,” Christie said. Lien’s wife, Rosalyn Ng, has said that her family’s sympathies go out to Mieses, but that they had to flee a dangerous situation. She said her husband was trying to protect her and their child. Jerry Langton wrote several books on motorcycle clubs, including a profile on Walter Stadnick, the founder of the Hells Angels in Canada. Langton said the riders who appeared in the video are far from being a true motorcycle club. These clubs, like the Hells Angels or Outlaws, often wear uniforms, ride Harleys and adhere to a code of conduct that would oppose what was seen in the video, Langton said. “It would be highly frowned on to be violent in front of a wife and kid,” he said. “Let’s just say that.” Langton recalled a story of an associate from the Montreal chapter of Hells Angels who accidentally killed an 11-year-old in a bombing.