Venezuela-to-france Cocaine Bust Yields 9 Arrests

France, Lithuania into Euro finale

They couldn’t score for five minutes in the third and even when they started hitting shots again, our spirit stayed the same.” Parker had a chance to put France ahead in regulation with the score tied at 65-65, but his drive to the basket was blocked by Rudy Fernandez with 11 seconds left. Jose Calderon then missed a 3-point attempt at the other end. In overtime, Parker and Antoine Diot scored France’s last eight points from the free-throw line to keep France in front. Marc Gasol missed a 3-pointer at the buzzer after Rodriguez had missed a previous attempt to tie it. “We had the last shots in both regulation and overtime, but we missed,” Spain coach Juan Orenga said. Diot was the only other French player in double figures with 10 points, while Gasol led Spain with 19 points and nine rebounds and Fernandez scored 17. Point guard Ricky Rubio was limited to two points, one assist and four turnovers. “We put a lot of intensity in the game and it allowed us to come back in the second half,” Diot said. Spain beat France to win the title two years ago, but this time it was missing Pau Gasol and Juan Carlos Navarro . Spain will play Croatia for the bronze. “It’s very disappointing to lose a game we led for 37 minutes. We played great defense in the first half but in the second we let them play their rhythm,” said Rodriguez, who finished with 11 points, 9 assists and 6 rebounds. Parker finished with five turnovers and one assist, along with six rebounds. “We were scared at halftime.

France Deports 500 Jewish Children from Institutions; Refugees Need Clothing

“The fight against drugs requires all the players, notably transport companies, to participate in this cooperation.” Valls said police knew where and to whom the drugs were heading but wouldn’t divulge the information or provide details on who was arrested. His Venezuelan counterpart, Miguel Rodriguez, told reporters that “mafias comprised of Italian and English citizens” were involved and that French police had been tracking them since July. The Paris prosecutor’s office said the six people in custody were to appear before a judge Tuesday to determine whether they would be charged. A spokeswoman said none were French but would not discuss their nationality. Britain’s Foreign Office said three Britons were among those arrested. Rodriquez said authorities had interviewed more than 15 people and “in the coming hours we will surely be announcing more arrests.” On Sunday, police arrested two National Guard sergeants and the lieutenant assigned to counterdrug duties the airport when the incident occurred and Rodriguez said authorities “presume complicity at the airline.” He noted that each of the 31 suitcases would have been far over the usual maximum baggage weight allowed at an average of more than 40 kilograms (88 pounds) each. The Colombian cocaine was placed on Flight 368, which departed on Sept. 10, and seized the following morning at Charles de Gaulle Airport, he said. Air France said it was working with police and conducting an internal investigation. The baggage tickets had fake names, said Alejandro Keleris, director of Venezuela’s counterdrug agency. There was no explanation given for why authorities waited nearly two weeks to announce the seizure. Michael Shifter, president of the Inter-American Dialogue think tank in Washington, said the case supports U.S.

23) Five hundred Jewish children residing in homes maintained by the OSE, Jewish Health Society, in unoccupied France were delivered by French authorities to the Nazis for deportation to occupied territory in eastern Europe, it was reported here today. Jewish organizations here today started collecting clothing for Jews escaping from France into Swiss territory. Many of these Jews continue to slip into Switzerland, but arrive in a most deplorable state, the majority of them with their clothing torn from long wandering on roads, hiding in caves, and crawling in woods and on mountains. A ten-point statement outlining the policy of the Swiss federal authorities with regard to the admission of refugees from France, Holland and Belgium was submitted last night to the Swiss National Council by Edouard von Steiger, Minister of Justice. Switzerland, he said in his statement, cannot allow mass-entries of refugees as this would amount to a veritable invasion. The countrys immigration laws must be rigorously enforced in order to safeguard the countrys vital interests. A full dress debate on the Governments statement will take place in the National Council today or tomorrow. VICHY CONFISCATES BLUMS SUMMER HOME; CENSORSHIP OF SERMONS DEMANDED The Paris radio today announced that the summer home of former Premier Leon Blum, has been confiscated under the law transferring Jewish property to non-Jews. Blums home was located in Narbonne, unoccupied France, where pro-Jewish demonstrations recently resulted in the arrest of thousands of Aryan Frenchmen. A campaign to introduce censorship of sermons delivered by Catholic and Protestant clergymen in order to prevent them from condemning the anti-Jewish policy of the French Government was initiated today throughout France by Jacques Doriot, notorious anti-Semitic leader who enjoys the backing of Hitler. The Weltwoche, a leading Swiss liberal weekly newspaper, today carries an article explaining why the Nazis forced the anti-Jewish measures on Pierre Lavel, chief of the French Government. The Nazis have long regarded each nations attitude towards the Jewish question as a touchstone of its powers of resistance, the article states. The Nazi leader Werner-Best, lecturing before leaders of the S.S., Hitlers Elite units, on July 27, emphasized that the Jewish question is dynamite with which we blast the forts where the last liberalist snipers have their nests, since countries which abandon Jews thereby abandon their former Judaize way of living with false ideals of liberty.